2019 - Rommel Sola Silab

Rommel Sola Silab, 29 From Los Baños Laguna is Best known for her Stage Name Maria Victoria Lopez. He is a vocal advocate of HIV-Awareness. As a matter of Fact, he is member or LOS BAÑOS-STI, HIV AWARENESS COUNCIL (LB-SHAC) Which aims and promotes HIV AWARENESS. she is also a proud member of Laguna HIV Council where she gives talk and Seminar about the topic in Public. She is known as a public speaket which tackles not just HIV awareness but also guves speeches and workshop about Confidence and Self Leadership. This Proud Lagunense makes her way to Pageantry since 2011. But her Name made noise in 2015 when she decided to Invade Metro Manila Pageants. Known for her Powerful Skills in Question and Answer, This Lady is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of The University of the Philippines where she took up Development in Communication Major in Local Broadcasting. Off Stage, she is a Team Leader in a BPO company here in Pasig. He represented Uruguay, a country in South America.

2018 - Jagadeesan Duano

Duano is from Biñan, Laguna and has degree in Technology from Trimex. Dunao loves reading books and watching documentaries. This year was his third attempt and finally won. He is a member of the Lopez Circle of Elite, the youngest. He was the only gay man featured in a movie ‘Transpinay: My life Story’, an Italy International Film Festival entry.

His role in his music video was a prostitute spy that was given an assignment by his secret agent boss, played by Monica Ibañez, Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2008, to allure a Hungarian perpetrator, played by Kurt Kristier Reyes, Fahrenheit Look Of The Year 2018. Backed by the music of Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’.

Duano continuously joins pageants and pursuing his career  as an artist in cosmetology.

2017 - Kyle Go Tecson

Tecson, 24, is a licensed teacher from Tuguegarao City, a graduate of Business Administration major in Financial Management, and now taking up Masters in Business Administration at Jose Rizal University. He is working as an Immigration Officer of the Department of Justice. He is an ambassador of goodwill to Korea and Singapore when he is in high school and one of the outstanding leaders of Tuguegarao City and also Gawad sa Ulirang Kabataan Finalist of these countries. He got the Miss Congeniality award.

His music video was a paid homage to the 2011 Film ‘Red Riding Hood’ starred by Amanda Seyfried. With him was Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2007, Peabo Orilla aka Bridgette Olga as Tecson’s evil step mother. The shoot took place in an unfinished resort in Batangas.

After Miss Earth Fahrenheit, Tecson joined Mr. Fahrenheit a year after and landed only 2nd place. However, due to the turn of events, he was appointed Mr. Fahrenheit 2018 when the actual winner James Bryan Deang passed away very soon.

Tecson became the first luminary to hold the titles, Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2017 and Mr. Fahrenheit 2018.

2016 - Inyaki Yuson

A young entrepreneur, artist, an HIV advocate and a visionary. Yuson was born in Cagayan De Oro City and went to Ateneo De Cagayan, took up Nursing. Though, it wasn’t his passion, he had a calling in make up artistry. He became an instructor at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. He collaborated with other major make up brands and cosmetic circuit. Yuson is a true environmentalist.

He wishes to create a compact cosmetics made out of organic materials that are not harmful to the environment; locally made. He is a Loveyourself councillor for HIV awareness. His first try was Miss F Universe 2015, which he landed 2nd runner up against his friend Patrick Isorena. But his real triumph is when he joined Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2016. He defeated some pageant veterans with his wit and intellectual response to his question during the final Q and A. He represented Brazil.

2015 - Leonard Medrano

Medrano is a make-up artist from Parañaque City. He was born in Bolinao, Pangasinan. In 2011, Medrano was proclaimed MEF 1st runner up against Reniezar Dulay.

Since then, he continuously joined crossing over between F pageant brands, year after year. He is considered as the most present candidate in all of F pageants after Rocky Clapis, Fahrenheit’s Lifetime Achievement Awardee. Right after his reign, he joined Mr. Fahrenheit 2016 and landed to the semi-finals.

Medrano’s music video was taken in Fortune Island in Nasugbu Batangas. The setting was perfect for the theme, since the island has replicas of Roman pillars, akin to historical sites of Ancient Roman Tunisia. Backed from the tune of Selena Gomez’s ‘Come And Get It’.

This was the year when pageant date was moved to an earlier date, 9 months after his coronation night; where he reigned the shortest in the history of Miss Earth Fahrenheit.

2014 - James Salamat

Salamat was discovered by Patric Isorena, 2015’s Miss F Universe. Miss Earth Fahrenheit was his first pageant where he represented Vietnam and won. After his reign, Salamat tried to crossover and joined Mr. Fahrenheit 2015 but failed to advance. However, she was crowned as 2015 Bi Elite World. Salamat is an AB Communications graduate from La Consolacion University Philippines. Salamat writes and now a freelance graphics designer who loves to eat and drawing and contemporary arts.

2013 - Victoriano Mariano III

When the actual winner Martin Sy didn’t show up during his final video shoot due to health reasons. Mr. Mariano, known as Miss Jamaica, was asked to assume the position. Hence, he became the fourth promoted Miss Earth Fahrenheit. Mariano is from Aliaga, Nueva Ecija and resides in Quezon City. He studied Health Science Education at Far Eastern University and had some Information System units at Informatics International College in Diliman. After Miss Earth Fahrenheit, he was hailed Bb. Trippers Universe 2016 and Miss AIDS Advocate 2017. He has been doing hosting gigs and other local LGBT affairs.

Recently, he made a brief appearance in a Music Video for Mr. Fahrenheit 2017 with 2018 Miss Earth Fahrenheit and the reigning Mr. Fahrenheit at that time.

2012 - Vernon Jay Reyes

An Ilocano statuesque who went to Our Lady Of Fatima University. Member of the gay pageant group called ‘Alejandro Ortega’. Reyes has become the 10th Miss Earth Fahrenheit. Reyes is a TV producer who started in as a production staff after he shifted from a call centre company. He even produced and directed his own music video which was shot in Ilocos region. This is the only music video which was not produced or directed by the Fahrenheit production team.

Along with his predecessor, 2011 Miss Earth Fahrenheit, Asia Sofia, he made a feature cameo in Fahrenheit Look Of The Year 2017 music video, starring Arnel Cruz. Reyes played as a stripper club manager.

2011 - Reniezar Dulay

Dulay, aka Asia Sofia, was discovered by Wilbert in a local pageant in Pasay of 2004. A year after, Dulay joined Miss F Universe and was proclaimed 2nd Runner Up against Mark Fausto, Miss Ethiopia. As an experienced fierce queen; Dulay has beaten Leonard Timothy Medrano in 2011’s Miss Earth Fahrenheit. After four years Medrano won. Dulay attended school at City University of Pasay and he used to be one of the main casts of ‘The Amazing Show’ in Manila. He is now a pageant handler and a trainer for young gay pageant aspirants. One of his protégés, is Mr. Lawang Bato Valenzuela joined Mr. Gay World Philippines 2016 and made it to the semifinals. Their gay pageant group is called ‘The Haus of Illustre’.

Recently, he made a special cameo for Fahrenheit Look Of The Year 2017, as a stripper, along with Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2012, VJ Reyes. It garnered a 30,000 of views, highest video of seen in the history of F.

2010 - Princeton Peralta

2010 was a sad year for Fahrenheit. Three of this luminaries of this batch have died, due to undisclosed cause.. Peralta was one of the three. Even though, he did manage to appear on his final farewell night, he was suddenly disappeared.

2009 - Gerard Quiogue

It seemed that Miss Earth Fahrenheit was plague with the dethronement curse, when the actual winner was terminated its title, for the fourth time, in two consecutive years. He broke the rule of participating outside pageants during his reign.

Gerard Quiogue, who happened to be Miss F Universe 2009 – 1st Runner Up, was asked to assume the position.

Quiogue, a Bicolano from Sorsogon, went to Pasig Catholic College. He worke in a call center company before, until he shifted to entertainment industry. He performed as a lead star in several shows at the critically acclaimed ‘The Amazing Show’ in Manila, a Las Vegas inspired theater for talented and beautiful transgendered performers.

He is now partially transformed into a beautiful lady and recently won several major gay pageants in the country; such as, Miss Gay Bicolandia 2016 and Queen of Northern Luzon 2016, naming the few.

This year, Quiogue accepted for a cameo role in 2017 Fahrenheit Look Of The Year Music Video, with Ivan Jarrold Ganan, as his comeback video.

Quiogue is now romantically involved with his luminary batchmate, Mr. Fahrenheit 2009, Herbert Clark Manalo Chavez.

2008 - Marvin Castro

A native of Mariveles, Bataan who now lives in Pasig. Castro, studied in Polytechnic University of the Philippines as a Broadcasting Communications student. Bb. Pilipinas – Universe 2007 Anna Theresa Licaros attended the coronation night as celebrity judge, along with Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry. Castro was proclaimed 1st Runner Up or Miss Air Fahrenheit 2008. Few months later he was asked to assumed the reign when the actual winner was requested to step down. This is the second time the crown dethronement of the pageant.

During this time, Wilbert was very strict about the winners joining any other competitions after coronation; to protect the integrity of the brand and avoid loss.

2007 - Peabo Orilla

A make-up artist from Quezon City, and studied at Trinity University of Asia. Orilla’s first try was on 2005’s Miss Earth Fahrenheit, where he competed as Ms. Trinidad & Tobago and landed 2nd Runner Up or Miss Water Fahrenheit 2005. A year after, he competed as Miss Fiji in the Miss F Universe 2006, yet never advanced. Not until during 2007 where Orilla won as the fifth Miss Earth Fahrenheit. Nowadays, Orilla is making headlines by parading in every major pageant scenes wearing his own replica of Miss Universe sash. Orilla is always present most of the gay, fashion and party events, especially in Nectar Club.

2006 - Mark Dela Cruz

In November of 2006, Cruz represented Nigeria and was crowned as the fourth Miss Earth Fahrenheit. He also bagged Best In Hair Wear and Ms. Personality. This year, Wilbert decided not to include the runners-up on the music video. He wanted to feature the reigning queen alone. Cruz, studied in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and worked in several contact service centers.

2006 - Mark Dela Cruz

In November of 2006, Cruz represented Nigeria and was crowned as the fourth Miss Earth Fahrenheit. He also bagged Best In Hair Wear and Ms. Personality. This year, Wilbert decided not to include the runners-up on the music video. He wanted to feature the reigning queen alone. Cruz, studied in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and worked in several contact service centers.

2005 - Resty Nueva

Nueva is a Bicolano from Nabua, Camarines Sur and studied in Bicol University.
He works as a med rep in a reputable pharmaceutical firm.

During his pageant night, he was awarded with Ms. Flawless, Ms. Popularity and Lady Look Award and the title itself.

His music video took place in the residence of a famous fashion designer, Toby Albrando. Nueva was the first luminary who lip synced in a non-English song.

Nueva is currently residing in Cavite.

2004 - Tyler Prescott

Prescott is a Med undergraduate from Quezon City. An American descent. First, he joined Miss F Universe 2004 as Miss Honduras against CJ Angeles, Miss Seychelles; however he only made it to the semifinals.

Until he tried Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2004, as Miss Panama, and got the title.

Prescott was the first luminary whose music video was shot outside the club. The production staff went to TROAN BEACH Resort, in Nasugbu, Batangas along with his runners-up.

This was the year, a Youtube account was created  to post all videos of the Fahrenheit pageants. The song was used was ‘Salome’ by Chayanne, to bring the Latin vibe to its video, Prescott performed.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, at that time, all of his videos uploaded were removed and deleted.

Prescott is currently working in a notable fitness center as a hardcore head coach and happily committed to his long term partner. He occasionally visits F Club for judging appearances. He has been a very supportive luminary ever since, after all these years.

2003 - Alvin Santos

The year was 2003, when Wilbert decided to have pageant spin-off of the concluded Miss F Universe, in order to give chance to other delegates who failed to advance.

Therefore, Miss Earth Fahrenheit was launched, a Miss Earth inspired pageant for gay men and bisexual participants. Unlike with its predecessors; it’s aim is to involve gay society outside its usual LGBT cause, the environment.

Only members of the Fahrenheit Club were only allowed to participate.  20 of them were selected to compete and Eugene Dela Cruz was announced the winner. He represented Namibia.

However, during the final dress rehearsal, a year after, Dela Cruz never showed up. Later was realised, Del Cruz was unable to reign due to his employment reasons. His first runner up, Alvin Santos, Miss El Salvador, an educator, was promoted and continued the reign. The first dethronement in Miss Earth Fahrenheit history.

Before Miss Earth Fahrenheit, Santos joined Miss F Universe 2003 as Miss Peru and landed to semifinals.

Santos is a BSE Social Science graduate in Philippines Normal University. He worked in various notable universities such Manila High School, FEU, UE and De La Salle – College of St. Benilde, as a professor. He is also a talent scout for male and female models.