Situated in the heart of Metro Manila. Our goal is to provide you more than just a bath house experience, but a party place for everyone! Hence, we are the country’s premiere gay hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to surrender my IDs and other personal belongings?

This to protect both the club and your belongings.

Can I reserve the entertainment lounge for any occasions, exclusively?

Yes, you may. Just approach one of our staffs for assistance.

Do you offer free unlimited condoms and lubes?

Yes, condoms and lubes are available in the locker area. Just approach our attendant for supplies. You may ask for as many as you like, but don’t hoard and bring them home. 

Is the karaoke facility free?

Yes, you can sing any song you like. 

Do you have parking spaces?

That used to be the club’s biggest challenge, however this was resolved already. We have coordinated with the nearby vacant lots to assist our members for their parking needs. During big events we offer valet service to our motorists for a quick and easy access to the club.

Can an effeminate gay man enter the bath house?

Of course they can. They are very welcome. However, we do not allow crossdressers, transgendered women and men and females to enter the bath house. They may stay at the entertainment lounge in certain nights and big events.

I have a disability. Can PWD enter the bath house?

We only allow deaf and mute members to enter the bath house. However we always remind them that our staff are not trained for sign language but are willing to assist them at all times. We discourage guests with wheelchair, visually impaired or with injuries to avoid accidents inside. Unfortunately, our building is not equipped with safety features for our PWD. But, we will work on it in the future.

F CLUB is an exclusive club for male members. Only members are allowed to use the bathhouse and entertainment facilities.

Guests or visitors can only stay in the entertainment bar.
This is a gay-oriented establishment, however we allow everyone to enter the entertainment room only.
Members must provide a valid ID to the counter in exchange for a locker key upon entering.
All valuables must be kept in the safe. You can claim it when you leave.
Deadly weapons or flammable weapons are not allowed.
For PWDs, speech impaired and deaf people are allowed in.
Management has the right to accept, reject and revoke membership for certain reasons.

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