It started from an idea of putting up a bath house which was collaborated by Wilbert and Ryan, until the former P.R. Manager, Genesis, suggested to add an entertainment lounge together. So there it was. The search for the avenue was next.

E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. was the right choice. First, the place was like a ruin from a war, with no parking, no water and no electricity. The restoration was devastating, but it was developed gradually.

After a month and a half, the club was almost complete for operation but there was one thing lacking - Its name.

Choices of names were arrayed, such as, "Manhole". "Manhouse", "Bat Cave" and "The Big G". The decision -making was very intricate but it ended up into something.

The club was named Fahrenheit Cafe and Fitness Center. Fahrenheit was derived from Wilbert's favorite men's perfume; and since Fahrenheit is a unit of measuring temperature, it coincided the idea of the club's concept.

The subtitle "Cafe and Fitness Center" was added to emphasize the business line of the club. A tagline was also created, "The Degree of your Lifestyle; Your Choice, Your Pleasure!". This implies that any choice of pleasure is a degree of every man's lifestyle, in which, that choice is Fahrenheit.

The logo was designed by Wilbert. The background is a gradient of black and blue diagonally. It symbolizes discreetness. A large letter F in gray was added to be a symbol of the club's trademark. Lastly, the word 'Fahrenheit', which is bigger than its subtitle 'Cafe and Fitness Center' is attached on the front.

Everything was already complete. The marketing and promotions went on, through texting (SMS), chatting on the internet and giving flyers in all gay hang outs like Malate. The feedback was already tremendous. Fahrenheit Cafe and Fitness Center opened on March 28, 2003 at exactly 2000H. A first guest came in and applied for a membership and more invited fellows followed. The number of members flourished into 34 members. The day after, Fahrenheit got its first food order. It was Chicken Sandwich.

Because of the remarkable outcome, the management had decided to conduct its first big night. So there it was, April 1, 2003, the most historical event of Fahrenheit. On this night, "Genesis; The New Beginning" was launched. Surprisingly, it was supported by 67 members.

More and more shows were conducted and the effect was overwhelming like "Hard as Nails", Which was the first show Fahrenheit had sold tickets to its members. The number of guest reached as high as 113 members. Because of the fabulous patronage, the management had decided to conduct its first inter-gay bar competition. The concept was tribal with an African touch, so went the name "The Search for Mr. Exotic Bikini Hunks 2003". It was spectacled by 132 members. A talent from Hunks won the title. This competition was supported by the sponsors for the first time.

The management established an idea of creating some promos and privileges to the members. The first promo was the early-bird, then other followed. The former P.R. Manager was replaced by Raniel, whom was once a member. He continued what the former member had left.

The promotion never stopped. Fahrenheit was more introduced to the Philippine gay market. More gay and lesbian institutions and organizations tied up. More than 50 gay representatives all over the world from the international Lesbian and Gay Association visited Fahrenheit. This made possible with the support of PinoyPride president Mr. Oscar Atadero. 574 members along with 50 foreigners attended the said event in Fahrenheit. For the record, this is Fahrenheit's highest number of members came in for a single night. Fahrenheit became the talk of the town. Because of its loud name, many tried to defy Fahrenheit. Many tried to put Fahrenheit down, but they did not succeed. Instead, Fahrenheit became number one, in a blue bar category. Hence, a new slogan was launched, "The Country's Best Gay Hub!".

The patronage of the members to the club was rising. Fahrenheit kept improving and developing. The sound system was enhanced. A mirror maze was put. More lockers were provided. A new bar was constructed and many more. Thus, the management wanted to ensure costumer's satisfaction. With regards to shows, more and more shows were conducted because of the support of some gay bars in Metro Manila. hence, Fahrenheit acknowledged these supporting gay bars to the gay market, as a mutual companionship. Therefore, Fahrenheit was declared as a network for gay market. It opened its doors for other gay links.

Fahrenheit also became active in outside activities, like the Gay Pride and Halloween Costume Party at Malate. members are the most important people in Fahrenheit. It wants to give the best to its members. That's why; Fahrenheit instigated its first all-male bisexual pageant, which was participated by the members of Fahrenheit themselves. Thus, the Search for Mr. Fahrenheit 2003 was commenced. Mr. Acqua Di Gio got the title. 320 guests came to watch; The prizes were magnificent, a trip to Bangkok, Thailand & a one year free entrance to Fahrenheit. Two more major pageants came in, but this time, the participants were in make-up and in heels; the "Miss F Universe 2003" and the "Miss Earth Fahrenheit 2003", a pageantry of beauty, creativity, athleticism, poise and intelligence. Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Namibia got their titles, in which 480 guests and 290 guests watched, respectively. These three titleholders became Fahrenheit's first icons. Fahrenheit also conducted the first inter-gay bar competition which was held outside Fahrenheit, "Fahrenheit Mr. Universe 2004", Mr. Zambia from Club 690 got the title.

For about ten months, Fahrenheit got its highest number of members, 8,362. These were just the events that have marked the edge of time. As time passes by, these will be perpetuated, until Fahrenheit became everyone's legacy.