Why do i have to present my ID for every entry?

- To ensure members' safety and protection from mischievous acts and force majeure.
- To keep members' personal information always confidential in our database.
- To identify easily who is who in case scenarios.
- To maintain the exclusivity of our members.
- To sustain better services for our members.

Why does Fahrenheit Cafe and Fitness Center have a safety deposit box? What is it for?

- This is to keep our members' valuables safe such as mobile phones, PDAs, wallets, car keys, claim stubs, watches, jewelry and others.
-This is to ensure our members' tranquility and privacy.
-This is to avoid heist on our members' possessions.
-This is to deposit all the prohibited things to be entered (graffiti materials, lighter and chewing gums).

Why do I have to follow these policies anyway?

-For you to enjoy and experience gay life at Fahrenheit without the hassle.
-To cease members worries from unlawful and arbitrary acts.
-To help us maintain peace, order and coordination to serve you better for the best.